GrubStreet Micro-Interview with Ayanna Coleman

Apr 22, 2014

grubstreet-logoIn preparation for the Muse and the Marketplace 2014 conference, the amazing organizers of GrubStreet conducted micro-interviews with some of the “authors, agents and editors who will be attending the event.” See one of the five questions Ayanna Coleman answered as the 11th interviewee in the series below.


Does the digital marketplace help or hurt writers?

The digital marketplace complicates things for writers. There are so many more options than there were 10 years ago and that can be very overwhelming to any writer, never mind experience in the field. Understanding your strengths and your time constraints are very important for all writers, but so much more so for those entering the digital marketplace because more oft than not, they are taking much of the publishing process into their own hands. If time and skills are not allocated well, the digital marketplace can hurt a writer. If they are managed exceptionally, the digital marketplace can bolster a writer’s career.

–Ayanna Coleman, Countdown to Muse 2014: Micro-Interview 11


Check out the whole interview here.

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