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Creative Concept Development. Strategy. Growth.

Done By You

You know what you need and you know you can implement it, you just need a little direction in the who, what, where, when, and how realm. Love your style because a lot of the time that’s Quill Shift’s style, too! The answers are out there and if you want to DIY the solutions, Quill Shift can help you find them.

Done With You

Need a tune-up to get you going in the right direction? Rather have a few others with you to bounce ideas off of to super-charge your learning and growing?

From express clarity calls to a 6-week, level-up group consulting program, these options are designed with you in mind.

Done For You

You need space to concentrate on the big picture items to grow, but that time doesn’t come out of thin air. You’re ready for someone to dig into your business right alongside you, take some burdens off your shoulders, and bring all you’ve built to the next level…while letting nothing fall through the cracks.




Biz Dev

Smart Goals

Web Design

Our Clients

We know what it feels like to have a great product and want to change lives with it, but not feel like you’re reaching the people you want to help. It’s crazy frustrating. And that’s where good marketing and smart business processes come in so that you’re reaching your ideal customer, but not spinning all your wheels doing it.

With years of experience creating campaigns, leading research initiatives, planning events, and instituting new business models and practices in companies and organizations, Quill Shift saves its clients valuable time so they can spend it surprising and delighting customers and stakeholders with their thoughtful offerings and smooth business operations instead.

Ready to Start?

Choose Your Service

Whether you’re more of a DIY or hands-off and see-it-done kind of team, Quill Shift has packages made to fit myriad marketing and business operations needs.

Share Your Story

No matter what service you choose, it will be tailored to your needs. To do that, every prospective client is asked to complete a questionnaire so we can understand where you are, determine if Quill Shift is the right fit, and – if so – get you to where you want to be.

Reach Your Goals Authentically and Efficiently

We aren’t afraid to push our clients into new territory. Once contract is signed and initial payment made, we’ll bring those new ideas, business processes, and ways of thinking to your table. We’ll also respect what you’ve built and show care and consideration to you and your team every step of the way.


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Marketing plans and systems made for you that grow with you.