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Where your vision finds its voice

We know what it feels like to have a great product and want to change lives with it, but not feel like you’re reaching the people you want to help.

It’s crazy frustrating.

And that’s where good marketing and smart business processes come in so that you’re reaching your ideal customer, but not spinning all your wheels doing it.

With years of experience creating campaigns, leading research initiatives, planning events, and instituting new business models and practices in companies and organizations, Quill Shift saves its clients valuable time so they can spend it surprising and delighting customers and stakeholders with their thoughtful offerings and smooth business operations instead.

Thought Partnership

You’re not alone on this journey.

Imagine having a dedicated partner by your side, someone to brainstorm with, validate your ideas, and navigate the complex world of business together. Our Thought Partnership service is designed for visionaries like you who crave support, clarity, and a sounding board for their groundbreaking ideas.

Whether you just need one success accelerator session to fine-tune and clarify or are ready for a six-month transformative experience, we’ll be your confidante, strategist, and cheerleader, ensuring you never feel lost or alone again.

Let’s turn your visions into victories, together.

Starting at $1,250


Deep listening to develop ideas that not only stand out but truly connect with your audience, laying the groundwork for meaningful thought leadership.


An unwavering advocate dedicated to championing your vision and supporting your endeavors every step of the way.


Access to a curated selection of resources, including templates, comprehensive research, and tools, all specifically tailored to enhance your unique journey.

Success Accelerator Session

One 90-minute session to tackle a specific challenge you’re facing—be it in marketing, operations, processes, or strategy—designed to identify and start implementing the best solution for your current situation and future goals.

Pinnacle Partnership

Six 90-minute deep dive sessions, one every month for six months, focusing on strategy and tactics for execution.

Complemented by regular check-ins to help you maintain momentum towards your goals, thanks to a partnership built on accountability and mutual commitment.


Smart Goals


Starting at $4,000


A customized strategic plan that’s not just a document, but a roadmap tailored to your unique mission and goals, ensuring every step you take is purposeful.


Actionable steps that bridge the vast gap between your current position and where you envision your success, turning the daunting into the achievable.


Tools and frameworks not just for measuring success but for adapting and evolving your strategy over time, ensuring long-term viability and growth.

Content Marketing Strategy

  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • A 45-minute Zoom chat to really get to know your brand and what your goals are. We’ll explore who your customers are, what they like, and how to best connect with them.
  • You’ll get at least 4 pages of strategy, including 4 content pillars and 3 ideas per pillar for content that can morph from blog posts to emails to social media posts.

Email Marketing Strategy

  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • A 45-minute Zoom chat to to understand your brand’s voice and goals.
  • You’ll get a 6-month email marketing plan with at least two email outlines a month, subject-line examples, and a 3-email welcome series template for new subscribers.

Marketing Systems Strategy

  • Delivered in 2 weeks
  • A 1-hour Zoom chat brainstorming to figure out what’s working and what’s not in your current setup.
  • We’ll review all your systems, suggest what to keep, what to ditch, and what might be worth investing in based on your individual needs.
  • Plus, you’ll get a tech and systems map, up to three standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help you manage everything, and tips on where to find more customers and how to use your updated systems to engage them.


Here you are, ready to make your awesome ideas real.

But maybe figuring out how to do that feels a bit like trying to solve a puzzle without seeing the picture on the box. That’s where a good strategy comes in—it’s like the guide that helps you put all the pieces together in the right place.

I get it, you’re not just trying to shout into the void and hope someone hears you. You want to connect, really connect, with your audience. You’re aiming for more than just growth; you want to grow in a way that feels right and lasts. And you don’t want to just blend into the crowd; you’re looking to lead the pack, to stand out as someone who’s doing things differently and better.

Feeling stuck, craving some clear direction, and wanting a plan that feels like it’s truly yours—that hits right at home, doesn’t it?

This is exactly why we dive into strategy.

It’s not just about making plans; it’s about making the right plans that feel like they’re tailor-made for you and your dreams. It’s about finding that path that not only gets you where you want to go but does it in a way that feels authentic and sustainable. Let’s turn that feeling of being lost into a roadmap that gets you excited about the journey ahead.

Web Design


Biz Dev

Concept Development

You’ve got a brain bursting with bright ideas, right?

But sometimes, turning those sparks into something real feels like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. It’s super exciting but also a bit scary, especially when the road from “Hey, I’ve got an idea” to “Wow, this is actually happening” seems packed with hurdles.

That’s where Quill Shift steps in.

We’re your guide from that first “Aha!” moment to launching something truly epic. The goal is to make your vision so captivating and real that it not only grabs your audience’s attention but also grows into something special….and sustainable.

Together, we’re going to cut through the clutter, organize your thoughts, and elevate your project to heights you’ve only dreamed of.

Here’s to turning your “maybe someday” into “heck yes, today.” Let’s make some magic happen!

Starting at $24,000


Five months of hands-on strategy sessions. We’re in this together, focusing on not just creating a strategy but making it happen.


Six focused, 90-minute private strategy sessions. We’ll challenge, clarify, and expand upon your brilliant ideas, making them ready to shine.


We’ll keep what leads to your goal and ditch the rest, sorting your to-do list like a pro, and organizing everything to keep you on track.


Individualized research package done on your ideal client/customers and mapped to words and phrases that resonate for future content to find and ignite your people.


A 9-month action plan to achieve the goals discussed with resources needed + how they can be acquired (or better utilized) and continuously fine-tuned along the way, keeping the excitement alive.


Need a website? No problem. If you’re starting from scratch or shifting what you already have to better fit where you are now, we’ll build a digital home for your project that truly reflects your vision.


While conversations flow, strategies are made, and implementation is planned, all will be recorded so you can be present in the moment and revisit our strategy sessions anytime to use that brilliant turn of phrase or remind yourself of that next step.

Need something else?

I’ve been diving into marketing strategies and cooking up cool new concepts for 10+ years, and I’m super curious about what you’ve got in mind. If you’re on the lookout for someone to team up with and turn your awesome idea into reality, let’s chat and see how we can make it all come together.

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Whether you’re more of a DIY or hands-off and see-it-done kind of team, Quill Shift has packages made to fit myriad marketing and business operations needs.

Share Your Story

No matter what service you choose, it will be tailored to your needs. To do that, every prospective client is asked to complete a questionnaire so we can understand where you are, determine if Quill Shift is the right fit, and – if so – get you to where you want to be.

Reach Your Goals Authentically and Efficiently

We aren’t afraid to push our clients into new territory. Once contract is signed and initial payment made, we’ll bring those new ideas, business processes, and ways of thinking to your table. We’ll also respect what you’ve built and show care and consideration to you and your team every step of the way.


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