About Us

Tailored strategic solutions without
compromising collaborative and transparent communication or delivering on brand promises.

Our History

In 2013, Quill Shift Literary Agency LLC was formed to find and champion diverse writers and stories.

After years of working with creatives, publishers, and nonprofits, as well as watching the publishing industry slowly change in some ways and resist change in others, it became clear that what was needed was not yet another agency but a service for entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them authentically connect with their consumers, enabling them to grow their endeavors.

Quill Shift LLC was born.

Our Mission

At Quill Shift LLC, we’ll organize your business practices and marketing techniques so you can spend less time questioning if you’re taking the right business steps and more time connecting with your ideal clients in a personable and professional way.


Now, individuals who have a product, like a book, can work directly with Quill Shift to form a targeted marketing plan that will complement the publisher’s endeavors.

Growth Stage Businesses

Now, small businesses like independent publishing houses or fitness studios can work directly with Quill Shift to revamp their website, boost their social media presence organically, and foster more sustainable connections with their business partners to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Nonprofits and Academic Institutions

Now, nonprofits like libraries and academic organizations like universities can work directly with Quill Shift to craft programming that keys into the direct needs of their patrons and students, adding more value to the lives of those who rely on their services.

Photo of Ayanna Coleman

The Founder


Ayanna Coleman has an educational background in marketing and English literature. She has worked in the publishing industry within publishing houses, literary agencies, as a book reviewer, and many years as a children’s librarian. She also earned a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, one of the top programs in the United States.

Ayanna has spoken at conferences in front of hundreds, crafted panels and programming for myriad audiences, and connected with organizations and individuals within the education, consumer and professional services, media, nonprofit, and financial industry groups.

Through it all, she found her passion in supporting entrepreneurs and growth-stage organizations to elevate their voices and find the tools and systems that work for them so that they can make their dreams and missions a reality.

Accomplishments  & Testimonials

Revamped a 38-year-old website increasing engagement and newsletter subscribers by 25%.

Led the website creation and supported the launch of the first nonprofit geared toward elevating the lives of African Americans and their community in Japan.

Crafted the branding, designed the online presence, and spearheaded the communications plan for a brand new 10-university EU PhD program.

“ and insightful, capable of both big picture and small detail tasks, accomplishing every task in a well-thought-out, thorough, and efficient manner."

Peggy Tierney, Publisher at Tanglewood Publishing

"Absolutely one of my favorite consultants to work with because of the care, ingenuity, and productive and beyond expectation outcomes that are consistently achieved."

Marta Andhov, Associate Professor of Law at The University of Copenhagen

"We work with international clients therefore engaging a consultant with global experience means the essential inclusive perspective of culture and communication is not only shared, but elevated."

Lucas Hunt, Founder of Hunt Fundraising

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