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When do you know it’s time to bring in an expert?

Your Time is Valuable

You’re at the point where you feel like you are wasting time trying to do all the marketing yourself.

Not the Right Customers

Attracting people is not the problem, but now you’re at the stage where you want to attract the best clients and partners and the same strategy isn’t working.

Losing Sleep

There are hundreds of things that can keep you up at night. Wondering if something got done should not be among them.

Too Many Systems

You’re not afraid of technology and systems, but you feel like there are too many and they’re not working together, making things that should be easy more complicated.

Decision Paralysis

Too many choices = no choice. Spending too much time making a choice takes away from the valuable time your marketing needs to build trust and bring in business.

Going it Alone is...Lonely

You’re doing the damn thing, but you’re also not afraid to have smart people around you on your team helping you make educated decisions and implementing them so you can give more time to the big picture.

Precision-driven strategy for visionaries seeking authentic, actionable pathways to turn audacious goals into reality

What we do for you


Marketing Strategy

Consultations ranging from identifying ideal customers, website analysis and suggestions for content and workflows, social media branding guidelines, customer journey mapping, and content marketing execution.


Business Operations Management

Assessment of strengths and outline of what to do to shore up weaknesses including technology suggestions and deployment to increase business workflow efficiencies and productivity.


Website Development

Whether it’s a one-page website because you’re just getting started but know you need a presence online you 100% own, or a revamp of a 10-year-old site that needs a complete overhaul, we can support you.


Email Marketing Deployment

Email is still the best ROI when it comes to customer loyalty and engagement and sales. It also still has the largest share of consumers worldwide, which means no matter what email marketing should be a part of your strategy.


Customer Acquisition Research

Understanding who your customers are, how they are finding you, and why only strengthens your ability to attract more of your ideal client while saving you time and money.


SMART Goals Mapping

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t have a plan to get there and goals to reach. And how do you know when to celebrate successes – or what constitutes a success – if you don’t have milestones to hit? But not all goals are equal, and that’s where SMART comes in to combine purpose, focus, and action.

About Us

At Quill Shift, we’ll organize your business practices and marketing techniques so you can spend less time questioning if you’re taking the right steps and more time connecting with your ideal clients and community in a personable and professional way.

Our Clients

Small Businesses with Heart

From DEI consultants to financial advisors, creative professionals to restaurant owners, Quill Shift loves supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs who are excellent at what they do and care for the people who they are doing it for. They come to Quill Shift because they know that if they elevate their business, they can elevate their service.

Health and Wellness Companies

Yoga, dance, meditation, family arts, and more. Especially during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to move our bodies and exercise creativity to care for our minds. Supporting service providers bring their services to more people online in a professional and streamlined way is a pleasure to support.

Nonprofits and Academic Organizations

Doing good and doing well is 100% possible with efficient systems in place, supportive environments upheld to allow people to do their best work, and clear messaging to call in the best talent and the best supporters.

Publishing Institutions, Agencies, and Authors

Elevating underrepresented voices and helping people find the right information and tools to succeed has been at the heart of Quill Shift since day one when its main clients were part of the publishing industry. These driving forces remain today as Quill Shift continues to support authors and has expanded to provide consulting to publishing houses, distributors, literary agencies, and other companies whose aim is to uplift voices.

Kind Words

" industry professional with loads of marketing experience."

Leza Lowitz

"Even though we were multiple time zones apart, communication was a pleasure and a breeze."

Alexis Ortega

"I highly recommend Quill Shift for web design and visual strategy for your business. My website is now clean and user friendly without sacrificing my brand look or creative point of view."

Carla Herzenberg

Ready to Start?

Choose Your Service

Whether you’re more of a DIY or hands-off and see-it-done kind of team, Quill Shift has packages made to fit myriad marketing and business operations needs.

Share Your Story

No matter what service you choose, it will be tailored to your needs. To do that, every prospective client is asked to complete a questionnaire so we can understand where you are, determine if Quill Shift is the right fit, and – if so – get you to where you want to be.

Reach Your Goals Authentically and Efficiently

We aren’t afraid to push our clients into new territory. Once contract is signed and initial payment made, we’ll bring those new ideas, business processes, and ways of thinking to your table. We’ll also respect what you’ve built and show care and consideration to you and your team every step of the way.


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