Beyond Busy Podcast Features QSLA Founder Ayanna Coleman

Aug 4, 2016


A few months ago I was approached by a friend and colleague about participating in a podcast. If you recall, I’ve done these before and although that last time was pretty painless, I’m not one to test fate.


Podcasts are all about your voice and your composure and what you have to say.


Yes, some amazing people read and appreciate the QSLA blog posts that my fabulous interns and I create–we are so grateful for your attention–but actually listening to me speak for an hour without any visuals? That doesn’t seem fair.


But I forged ahead and embraced my discomfort and said yes to participating.


Enter Graham Allcott of Think Productive and author of How to be a Productivity Ninja. He runs is a one man podcast machine and it was my pleasure to chat with him for his show, Beyond Busy. That April afternoon in the Madison Avenue NYPL, we taped what I later found out would be the culminating podcast of the first season of his show.


His podcast is interview format where he focuses on people from all walks of life and asks them to tell him about their thoughts on productivity, work/life balance, happiness, and success.


Graham was lovely. He put me totally at ease and teased out some interesting points all at the same time. We talked about the publishing industry and the children’s literature world, stress relief, balance, fear, guilt, success, and of course productivity. Feel free to share your comments below or on social media about anything that resonated with you during our chat.


Listen to the conversation

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