Done With You Services

Express Idea Clarity

  • Face-to-face via Zoom
  • 90-minute session
  • Focused on one challenge you’re facing or new offering you’re considering right now in your business
  • Video recorded for your access and review after the call
  • Transcript created for easy copy-and-pasting of brilliant breakthrough wording and ideas generated from the call
  • As much marketing, strategy, or operational advice we can fit into the session to provide you with your top three next steps to move you forward

Make Your Marketing Work for You Bootcamp

  • Face-to-face group Zoom sessions
  • Six 70-minute sessions, one each week
  • The first 20-minutes of each session recorded for later access
  • No more than 11 participants in each session
  • Three individual 20-minute check-in calls throughout the program
  • At least 12 tip sheets and action items to help you along your road to success and for you to keep and refer back to
  • Your next quarter goals created, mapped, and broken down by you to accomplish
  • Email support after the program to keep you motivated and get you unstuck with any tasks co-created for your journey

    Our Promise

    After we’re done you’ll feel:

    confident in your plan and can save time and money executing it
    free from overwhelm and can focus your resources on a concrete plan you believe in
    the extra time at your fingertips to work in your zone of genius and release you from the nagging worry of “did that get done”?

    the heart of your business beating stronger because you’re able to serve your clients better in this ever-changing digital landscape

    On the fence and don’t know what to pick?

    "The consulting call I had with Quill Shift LLC was amazing! In a matter of minutes, I got clear feedback on my current progress, examples on where I could improve, and then a thoughtful follow-up email with so much detail about next steps and resources for my book project. The result? We made some small but important changes and the book came out great."

    Blanka Kobayashi, Marketing and PR Director of Kobayashi Group

    "Above all, I was impressed with Ayanna’s ability to navigate difficult conversations and break down complicated systems and processes so team members felt heard and supported to move forward. And, of course, she led the full website build and launch, which we're still getting compliments on today."

    Daisha Hunter, Communications Consultant

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