Children’s Book Author Shares Insights on the Publishing Business

Jan 26, 2015

Publishing is not an easy business to break into, no matter from what direction you’re entering. You could be working towards a job at a publishing house, a bookstore, or writing a picture, middle grade, or young adult story. Jennifer Adams has written and published more than 20 books and has a thing or two to share about the business of publishing from an author’s perspective. In her guest post for the Daily Herald entitled Advice for publishing a children’s book, Jennifer tackles the misconceptions around what it means to publish and gives seven well-explained nuggets of wisdom for that any writer can employ to find their path to publication.


Our favorite? Number four:


Hang out with other writers

Many writers find it very helpful to join a writing group. It gives you deadlines, people to read and critique your work, and a support system.


More and more these days writing is not a solitary endeavor. Joining or forming a critique group, interacting with other writers of your genre online, or attending writing conferences are all great ideas. The people you surround yourself with affect you and your work. Finding the right balance between honing your craft by yourself and allowing trusted other writers in to help you progress is all part of the process to becoming a successful author.


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