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Not quite ready for 2022? Here’s something for that.

Here I am, sitting in my new office in Germany, looking out the window to a sheet of rain and thinking, welp – here’s 2022!

The year closed surprisingly fast and we’re already day four of the next one. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel entirely ready to take it on.

Let’s not get too in our heads though, Friends. As you know, I love me some resources and I’ve stowed away five six awesome articles to share at this pivotal beginning phase of our year.

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Quill Shift LLC Founder + Londoners in Tokyo

October 19, 2020


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GrubStreet Blog: Writing and Publishing as a Person of Color

In advance of the 2016 Writers of Color Roundtable event at GrubStreet's Muse and the Marketplace conference they kicked off the conversation with #Muse16 presenters. In this installment is literary agent Ayanna Coleman, who lead a Muse session on The Character of YA...

Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead

Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead

By Hannah Andrade   As a resident of San Diego, I dislike anything that slows my rate of travel. Traffic is a blight to the sunny beaches and, when the roads are clear, I take full advantage. Anything that causes me to press the brake pedal are irritants. Pot...

Treating Your Setting as a Character

Treating Your Setting as a Character

By Laura Nsafou   In the long discussion of diversity in literature, the focus is on the characters and their unique perspectives. Many writers pay so much attention to the personas within their story that they end up neglecting one of the biggest indicators of...


The Productive Entrepreneur

Learn the 4 Pillars of Productivity and Tips and Tricks to Implement in Your Business


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Make Every Word Count

Make Every Word Count

How to Tighten Your Manuscript By Michaela Whatnall   Revision comes with many challenges, but there is one that can be particularly hard to face—cutting down your manuscript. As a writer, you’ve spent months, maybe years, getting your words onto the page, only...

Don’t Make Your Readers Guess Your Story

Don’t Make Your Readers Guess Your Story

By Laura Nsafou   Turning the first page of a new manuscript is exciting. When it comes to meeting new characters, it's all about discovery. When writers submit their manuscripts, agents experience their stories' impact like a first-time reader.   We want to...

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