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Not quite ready for 2022? Here’s something for that.

Here I am, sitting in my new office in Germany, looking out the window to a sheet of rain and thinking, welp – here’s 2022!

The year closed surprisingly fast and we’re already day four of the next one. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel entirely ready to take it on.

Let’s not get too in our heads though, Friends. As you know, I love me some resources and I’ve stowed away five six awesome articles to share at this pivotal beginning phase of our year.

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Quill Shift LLC Founder + Londoners in Tokyo

October 19, 2020


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QSLA Press Release on the SLJ Fuse #8 Blog!

This appears to be very smart idea.  Sort of like a Trigger Street Labs for books.  Sort of surprised nobody thought of it before now. --Betsy Bird at Fuse #8

YA Booklover Blog Gives Shout-out to Quill Shift

Chloe, the amazing Canadian teen book blogger, featured Quill Shift Literary Agency in her new Friday Five round-up where she highlights 5 interesting links or ideas she stumbled upon during that week.  


The Productive Entrepreneur

Learn the 4 Pillars of Productivity and Tips and Tricks to Implement in Your Business


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Marz Media Interviews QSLA Founder, Ayanna Coleman

LeMar McLean from Marz Media hosts regular podcast interviews to showcase the "unheard, but interesting voices around us". Turn up the volume and take a listen to the interview where LeMar and Ayanna chat about diversity in publishing and how Quill Shift Literary...

Behind a Million and One Pages Introduces QSLA to Readers

  Quill Shift Literary Agency actually publicizes authors' work even before the manuscript is sent to a publishing house to consider. Ayanna allows readers early access to promising manuscripts and readers determine which manuscripts become eligible for...

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