10 Social Media Tips Authors Should Know

Nov 30, 2014

Author Guy Kawasaki gives ten points of action for all authors to take advantage of when using social media in his article Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Social Media Tips for Authors. Now Guy must know a thing or two as he’s amassed 3.8 mil Google+ followers, 286K Facebook subscribers, and 1.2 mil Twitter followers. All of his points are extremely valid, but our favorite is Candy-fy.



Social-media sites are busy places, so people don’t notice all-text posts or posts with small pictures. Every post should include a picture that’s at least 400 to 500 pixels wide or an embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo. Eye candy counts in the constant contest for attention…

He ends his post with a final thought that resembles Nike’s famous tagline. No matter what, you’ve got to get out there and start working it. You can plan and plan, but if you don’t do you won’t build the following i.e. connections that you’re trying to create.

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